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Banco de Sabadell, S.A. (Catalan: Banc Sabadell) is a banking group headquartered in Alicante, Spain. It is the fifth-largest Spanish banking group. It includes several banks, brands, subsidiaries and associated banks. It is a universal bank and specialises in serving small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the affluent with a bias towards international trade.


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Martin King says

"We bank with Sabadell in Spain and because of Brexit we now get hit with a fee for any salary payment we make from the UK. This would also affect pensions. The the fee has a cap, so even small payments get hit with the same fee.

There are online banks and services that will negate these fees (Starling or Transferwise) but Sabadell will not follow suit and absorb these fees for their customers.

Even if a UK payee sends money in EUROS, Sabadell still apply a fee.

We visited our Sabadell manager in the Canary Islands (where we live) and we were told point blank that the fees would not be removed and that we should find "another way".

Well, the "other way" is to find a different bank! Sabadell, are you listening? Prepare to lose customers en masse."

Thomas Cassomini says

"As a Spanish property owner with U.K. citizenship, my wife and I have to pay a non residence tax to the Spanish government. We have done this without incident for 14 years, however this year we received a message from our bank to say that they were unable to process one of the payments as the taxpayers name did not match the name on the account. I made phone calls and sent a number of messages without any response and on checking our account today found that both payments had been taken!
Spanish banks all seem to charge extortionate amounts for a poor service but this was the most stressful experience so far. If you know of a better bank I’d be delighted to hear of it as I am at the end of my tether with Sabadell! I attempted to complete their feedback questionnaire but it was blocked."

colin says

"Charge 35e every 3 months for an account that I rarely use. They were the best but now are the worst. Do not use Sabadell, plenty of options out there with free banking."

Mr CONWAY says

"Worst I’ve ever experienced. Perhaps the morning briefing at customer service is “do all you can to get rid of those pesky customers”. My account and card have been blocked for nearly two weeks now. The number you call is a waiting game, 20 minutes perhaps, then you’re told that for security reasons, we’ll call you back. Wait a day or two. If you miss the call, that’s it, you have to start again. Bonkers. I actually answered the first call, very polite lady, but I was on a bicycle 10km away from access to my account details. I arranged a call back in 40 mins. Two days later and still nothing. Had to start again... same number, same waiting times. Three days later and the call went straight to my voicemail for some reason. Damn! Short fast message telling me to call the number where they can’t help but will call you back... so the frustration continues."

Katie says

"WARNING: Do not get an account with Sabadell. They are completely incompetent. I cancelled my account and have been trying to get my cancellation certificate for 2 months!!!! They can’t even create a simple document for me!!!"

Javan Smith says

"The Customer Service (or lack of) of Banco Sabadell is extremely poor. Had a call with an agent - regarding charges, who as she answered the call was laughing away, then introduced herself and proceeded to be very unhelpful and unprofessional. Offered no Customer Service, and only replied to my questions with "You have to speak with your Manager"...Its a Saturday, they will not be open again until Wednesday! What is the point of having this department if they are NOT helping and assisting the client!!"

Art Juul says

"Useless bank, very difficult to do anything if you are locked out of your netbank!

Also they take money out of your account without any warning, and even after if you claim the money back with a feature they have, nothing will happen. They never warn you about an upcoming payment, they just take, and if you do not have enough money on the account, you get a 40EUR fine for overdraft! But yet they charge you 35EUR every 3 month for “service”."

Paulina Chroscicka says

"The Sabadell ATM stole my money twice as i wanted to insert the money to my account cia atm. After that tou have to call their call centre and it takes a long time till it's solved."

Vanessa van der Meer says

"Honestly and constructively, don't use this bank.

The customer service is appalling, their policies and procedures so outdated and ineffective and should you ever leave the country please know you will never have full access to your money until you return.

I am constantly amazed at their ineptitude. My phone was blocked and I was promised once it would be activated I would have immediate access to my cash.
Imagine my surprise to learn that it may take in excess of 15 days of having my phone to even be able to view my balance. 4 emails and 2 15 minute phone calls and I am still not sure where I stand. I guess I will find out in 3weeks as this is how long they estimate knowing what they are capable of doing.
You would think customer service would have the foresight to mention this when you spend 30 minutes on the phone with them on 2 separate occasion the month before.
Each 'service' agent blames the other for sharing incorrect information as 'I know I am right'

Save the frustration, heartache and pain and bank with your mattress."

Phil Kurthausen says

"Awful - they began to change me 0.80 a transaction (every card payment) etc running to hundreds of euros in fees - this is despite me being in credit the whole time - they never notified me and as for the customer service and complaints dept...AVOID!!!!"

Jens Berg says

"I was locked out of my e-bank, when I downloaded their app. to my new iPad.
It has taken me more than a month to get a new password.
Everytime I phoned their helpdesk I was given a different solution.
I am unable to remember the countless times they have promised to have their IT department phone me back. It never did.
The e-mails I have send directly to my branch are ignored.
My advise to anyone contemplating to use Banco Sabadell is: Don't do it. Use another bank."

Darryl Lindow-Browne says

"Again our experience with Sabadell has been a nightmare their staff have total disregard for British retirees, Treat us as victims rather than clients , example. We had house insurance with Sabadell after 2yrsrs found the service plus value not worth the paperwork, after weeks trying to contact them on the phone , so we duly cancelled six weeks prior to end of policy as is legally required visiting the branch that issued our insurance getting a stamped dated cancellation of policy ,then guess what they still took the premium payment on the date denied knowing of cancellation, this is the best part on visiting the branch they admitted we cancelled but said don’t know if you’ll get a refund or when if you do ? Talk about f!!!k you amazing customer service please for your own sanity avoid Sabadell Bank they treat the British as victims not clients . And I am being nice !"

A R Smith says

"Simply the worst bank on planet earth. You lose your job because of a covid and banco Sabadell seized the chance to make some money Charged 300 euros in fees over a couple of months because they could. Neither the branch nor the head office answer any correspondence whatsoever. They literally just ignored me. Then to try and get their 300 euros they phoned 20 times per day issuing threats. Eventually set debt collection agencies on me...... AVOID THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS. THEY ARE DISHONEST AND DISGUSTING."

Grant Doyle says

"After cancelling my home insurance in feb the renewal was taken in October. After supplying them with call logs and emails they still won’t refund my premium. Terrible service. Avoid at all costs. Now I have to take legal action to recover premium."

Glen Bailey says

"Online Banking Transfer does not work, they only send you the pin number once time runs out, reopened put in the pin number and was then blocked called the urgency number they tell you to call 963085000 said cannot help? Was not bothered if I went to a different Bank, will be closing my account next week"

Giulia C. says

"Literally the worst service ever. I was lied to when I decided to open an account there. As young young foreigner, not speaking a word of Spanish it was easy to make me believe subscribing to the life insurance was mandatory even to open a nomina account. The customer service is absolutely the worst and even upon losing my job no help was offered to me apart from a 10% discount for the life insurance. They force you to have an overdraft so that they get commission. Hopefully the only one woman I had a helpful phone conversation with did cancel my insurance and I will be able to close my account in December. Online banking is way better."

Greg says

"They are charging a horrendous amount of fees on my account. I am closing it immediately. Avoid and use a new bank (non-Spanish) if you can!"

Djaafar says

"Fot english read below.

Ladrones !!!. Tengo una hipoteca con Banco Sabadell en Canet. Al principio la persona que me ayudaba a hacer el tramito era muy professional. Pero se fue.
Solo he tenido problemas con los seguros y condiciones de la hipoteca . El banco me hace una trampa después de la otra. El peor son los seguros contratados con la hipoteca para conseguís las bonificaciones. Son trampas. Te venden seguros que valen un montón pero de la peor qualidad. El peor es de Hogar. Esta Fatal. No hay atención al cliente. No te ayudan en caso de siniestro. Me he quejado en escrito y hasta hoy (6 Meses) no han respondido. Me siento muy harto de estar con banco Sabadell y no lo recomiendo a nadie.

Thieves!! Stay away from this bank. It's a trap. I have my mortgage with them and all I had so far are problems. At the beginning, one person at the bank looked after me and he was very professional. However he left and now its gone totally down hill. I am left with morons! The worst part is not so much the mortgage, but the conditions and insurances the bank pushes you to sign up for. Absolutely horrible. A disaster ! There is no customer service. The insurances are hopeless when you need them. The bank now tries everything to keep me insured with them, while I have tried several times to cancel all my policies, they still make it very difficult for me to leave. I can’t wait to pay off my mortgage or have it transferred to another bank. Since my adviser is gone, this Bank has only given me headaches. The worst is the home insurance ! A freaking disaster ! Thieves ! The Ryanair of the banks."

Ken Givens. says

"Sabadell changed my account without my permission and I now have to pay 80 cents per transaction. I spoke to customer services who said they had no idea why this would have happened and also refused to change it back. Appalling customer service and just a bit too convenient that this has happened when we have been asked to pay by card where possible. I will be closing my account as soon as possible."

Finn says

"I have an account living in Spain. Like all Spanish banks it is completely archaic.

I have been trying for 1 year to get my mobile bank and internet banking sorted. I have since given up. Neither work after multiple attempts. I have to do all my inter-bank transactions at an ATM.

The security feature for online shopping is terrible. There is multiple sites where it does not work at all, not allowing you to finalise purchases. It says you have to allow cookies, but even after doing so on multiple browsers and devices this still does not work. It makes something as routine as topping up my sim card very difficult.

You also have to go in branch to get a new card issued, or do any number of basic tasks which in most other banks you can do online. And not just any branch, but the specific branch that you registered at. To then move your "HQ" branch, it is also unnecessarily difficult. In fact there is great many transactions you can´t do unless you are in in the specific branch you registered at. Like all Spanish banks they inexplicably close at 14:30 in the afternoon, which makes doing anything on a work day impossible.

They also sent me a very amateur and non-official looking email asking for personal details. After telling them I thought it was a scam and would not share via email, I went into the branch and it turns out it was a legitimate request. Very poor. Security feature is terrible when you are trying to make legitimate basic purchases, but apparently non-existent when asking you to share personal information.

To top it all off, they are shutting local branches at a fast diminishing rate, meaning there is increasingly fewer places where you can withdraw cash for free. Although quite frankly all their branches deserve to be closed or taken over by a competent organisation.

So to conclude. No working mobile app. No working internet banking. You have to do everything at an ATM or in branch. The online security feature does not work on many sites preventing basic online purchases. Amateur and insecure communications. You still have to go in (a specific) branch to engage in simple tasks that most banks allow you to do online. Decreasing number of ATMs.

If you are living in Spain, my advice would be to sign up with a non-Spanish bank. For some inexplicable reason they are still living in the stone age. They absolutely do not deserve your money in any way shape or form. ING is now receiving my business instead. Just waiting for my rubbish Sabadell bank insurance to expire before I can close my account."

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